agil·i·ty | \ ə-ˈji-lə-tē \
Moving quickly and lightly in a graceful manner; nimbleness

  • Minimalistic arcade game
  • Gently evade an ever increasing amount of obstacles
  • Play with arrow keys or joystick

This game was made in three days as a personal project to practice my gamedev skills. By doing so I learned a lot of new things:

  • Automatic randomised level generation
  • Writing & implementing adaptive music
  • Shortly pauzing the game on player hit
  • Tweaking agile gameplay feel & minimalistic art style
  • Cinemachine
  • Post-Processing
  • TextMeshPro
  • Implementing an Audio Manager

See the devlog on my website for more details on how I approached these features.


Download 42 MB


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I really like your version of the tutorial! Good choice in music to match the tone, I really like the control of the game while the projects seem fair and not too difficult to dodge. Great level design!



lmao that's not a mac version


whoops you're right, I changed it.

thanks! also thanks for fixing the browser version, i'll check it out later


Just played it, got to lvl 20. Interesting concept, but definitely needs some work if you want to get some replayability out of it. Some ideas:
-Make the levels show up as numbers, not stars, stars fill up the screen
-Generally more things to do