🎮 The Game

🧠 Travel through the mind in order to heal a traumatic memory
🧠 Wander through trippy collage artworks bursting with hidden meanings
🧠 Immerse yourself in an original soundtrack recorded exclusively on classical guitar

🧠 Made with love and passion in 2.5 days for the 2023 Unwrap Game Jam
🧠 Theme incorporation: Your memories are fragile. Don’t touch them, or they will break!

⌨️ Controls

👉 Move with WASD, arrow keys, or joystick

👤 Credits

Tijmen Matthys - Production, Music, Game Design
Laurens Muylle - Code, Sounds, Game Design
Noah Van Crombruggen - Level Design, Code, Game Design
Michiel De Paepe - Art, Game Design
Giorgio Allotta - Art, Game Design

❤️ Thanks for playing and take care!
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